Home Inspirations – A Cozy Brooklyn Brownstone


The last time I visited Design Sponge to soak some design innovations, I was awestruck by their newest home tour  featured- a one-bedroom brownstone apartment in Brooklyn. Home to a lovely couple Lisa Munoz and David Azzoni, this Brooklyn brownstone is as comfortable and homey as it can get. A blend of modern chic and ultra-coziness, it’s the kind of house you would love to live in right from the first look.
Lisa is the owner at Leaf and June, an Interior Plant Design company, and that explains why she couldn’t go wrong by placing so much of foliage all around her house. I have previously seen homes that include plants, but Lisa here, has made sure her house uses plants not just for fresh air but also as design elements that define her love for them.

Space: 930 sq ft
Place: Brooklyn
Design Style: Mid- Century Modern
Owners: Lisa Munoz and David Azzioni
Best features to look out for: Plants, large mirrors for a spacious look and Lots of natural light (six windows), Light Mid-century modern Furniture pieces
Design lesson: Only making place for things that are necessary. You might want to hold on to many things but once its gone, you really wouldn’t miss them. So clear the clutter, make it airy.
The Living Area
Tufted sectional in royal blue, a classic coffee table and the little ‘just for two’ dining nook, makes for a welcoming living area. Sit, relax and get comfortable.



The Bedroom

Adequately spaced, the bedroom has large windows that make it a happy space. The modern furniture pieces complement the space and make for an ideal place to unwind. The best thing is that the home is full of things they love, devoid of any clutter.



The Office Space

They got lucky when the house came with an extra separated space which they quickly tuned into their home office. The vibe is quite casual, making work from home a stress free thing to do. I like how the desk is right next to the window and there is ample light flowing in.



The Kitchen

A tiny one yet made pretty with the little details taken care of. And ofcourse, the plants area placed to freshen the space further. (Now who wouldn’t love to be cooking all day in a kitchen this adorable?)


kitchen-decor-tipsClear, crisp and up to the point…this pretty space is all about making a home out of things that you value the most and letting go of the rest.

have a great week ahead 🙂

picture courtesy: Design sponge


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