Global Gharanas

Global Gharanas is all about presenting a melange of global and desi styles of homes. I am a person who is crazy about the retro mid-century homes as much as I love the traditional Indian Chettinad households. So you see,  my love for interiors find its roots from homes across the globe, from different cultures that usher in their beliefs and traditions into their living spaces. I truly believe, every home is a reflected personality of the people who take care of it, live in it and make it their own.


Home Inspirations – A Cozy Brooklyn Brownstone

The last time I visited Design Sponge to soak some design innovations, I was awestruck by their newest home tour  featured- a one-bedroom brownstone apartment in Brooklyn. Home to a lovely couple Lisa Munoz and David Azzoni, this Brooklyn brownstone is as comfortable and homey as it can get. A blend of modern chic and ultra-coziness, it’s the kind of house you would love to…Read more


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